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Ansa per Ansa, design and fabrication of handbags, baskets and complements since 2010. Handcraft, quality materials, trendiness and a human team unite for creating collections of unique handbags and baskets made in Menorca.

Collections that adapt to every type of woman for all type of occasions, from the more casual models to the most chic ones, for special events.

Everything fits in Ansa per Ansa universe.


The Ansa per Ansa Collections

Collections made in leather, from different textures, colors and laminateds, which lets us create collections on different levels. We go from our mother structures, which coexists with us year after year and we transform thanks to the newest materials of the season. High quality leather which gives top sales to our models, a new look, making them more special each time. We don’t forget about our Basics, with neutral colors wich make up our collection each year. In short, in our leather handbags collection we have handbags for everyday use as well as the more special handbags for the most chic events.

We are committed to trendy models, and the novelties that come from Ansa per Ansa every season, and that accompany our top-selling models. Bags like the Ruched, which we present as a novelty, and it is here to stay.

The collections made of natural fiber are the DNA of Ansa per Ansa Menorca. They were the first bags to go on sale in 2010, and even today, they are our best-selling items. We start from the bases made of natural palm leaf, braided by hand in an handmade way. From here, creativity flows, and as if it were a blank canvas, we begin to create.

In the collections of natural fiber bags, every year we have a place for glitter, a shiny fabric that in summer gives a lot of light to any look, and which is a demand from our most loyal clients. Of course, we add trendy colors every season for the most daring clients.

Likewise, we work with other fabrics for our summer collections, searching each season for that special embroidery that accompanies the glitter collection during the summer. These are high-quality embroidered fabrics that give the basket that elegant touch, making it a summer bag for any event.


Ansa per Ansa y el Slow Fashion

At AA, we approach fashion taking into account the processes and resources necessary to manufacture, trying to create high-quality bags that last over time. Although it is true that we look towards fashion, we are aware of how changing it can be, that is why we manufacture the collections almost at the time they go on sale, with a very controlled production, to avoid mass manufacturing that in the end , can end up as waste. We are committed to manufacturing bags according to needs, having the most timeless things in stock, and making two collections a year. It is the advantage of having artisan hands that make our bags in a traditional way.

Queremos llegar a la mejor elección de materiales

Ansa per Ansa and Limited Editions

Following a bit of the slow fashion line, at Ansa per Ansa we create Limited Editions that cover 3 ideas:

  • We manufacture accessories, such as purses, using the scraps resulting from cutting the leather or fabric, avoiding that percentage of waste, and taking advantage of it to create something new.
  • We use materials from previous years, applying them to new models, giving them a second life and a new look.
  • We buy remnants of fabric stocks, especially embroidery, in very small quantities, which if we had not bought them, would surely have ended up as waste as well.

We not only create Limited Editions at Ansa per Ansa, but our clients can request an appointment at the Ciutadella Atelier or on Video Call, and create a Personalized Limited Edition with any of the materials we have in stock. A unique and exclusive design that makes this bag even more special.

In short, at Ansa per Ansa we are a team of women who make our work our passion. Where the manufacturing of our bags and baskets, from the sketch until we have it in our hands, fills us with enthusiasm, and we are proud that every day more women and men bet on our brand, our values, and our creations.

Thanks for trusting the Ansa per Ansa team.